Angry Birds Windows PC 4.0.0

Hit as many pigs as possible to retrieve your eggs in 120 levels of physics puzzles

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    Windows PC 4.0.0

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    Windows 7 / Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows 10

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Angry Birds Windows PC 4.0.0
Angry Birds 4.0.0 Windows PC

With Angry Birds, you can enjoy all the fun and exciting gameplay of the original game on almost any device. The Angry Birds franchise now includes a cartoon series, film and dozens of games, but some fans still love the original game the most.

The game lets you take control of multiple birds as you try to defeat pigs. Those pigs hide in different areas on each level. It's your job to send the birds flying through the air to defeat each pig. You'll need to remove all the pigs from each level to advance. You'll also get points for knocking over objects that hide those pigs and other items on each level.

You start out with just a few yellow birds that perform no special actions. The game gives you a slingshot that you use to shoot the birds through the sky. Changing the angle and the speed in which you swipe makes the birds go faster and puts more power behind each shot. You only get a limited number of birds to use in each level. While it might sound easy, this is actually an addictive game.

Unlike many games today that only give you a certain number of lives, the original version of Angry Birds lets you play as long as you want. You'll never need to stop and take a break or spend money to keep playing because you ran out of lives. The game does ask you pretty often if you want to upgrade and spend real money to unlock new features though. It also asks if you want to spend money after failing the same level multiple times.

Designed for ages three and up, Angry Birds uses fun images and graphics of violence that is suitable for most players. It doesn't feature any blood or gruesome effects like other games do. The first few levels introduce you on how to play the game, but the levels get more challenging and difficult as you keep advancing. You get a score at the end of each level, from one to three, based on the total amount of points that you scored. When you earn enough stars across all games in one level, you'll unlock other levels.

The game also introduces new birds that do other things like large red birds that knock down more objects and black birds that explode on impact. While there is a short learning curve when using new birds, most players find Angry Birds both challenging and a little addictive.


  • Features multiple levels of play
  • Lets you go back and play previous levels to improve your score
  • Adds new birds with new skills as you advance
  • Suitable for players ages three and up
  • Awards you stars based on how high you score in each round


  • Noise level is quite loud
  • Keeps asking you to spend real money on upgrades
  • Some levels are extremely challenging

Angry Birds is a popular game that can be downloaded to play on smartphones, tablets and other Internet-enabled devices. The main goal is to kill the green pigs who have stolen eggs. In order to get rid of the pigs, the player needs to destroy the various structures in or on which the pigs may be hiding. This can be done by firing birds at the structures. Each of these birds has different features, such as dropping exploding eggs or cutting away the structures.

There are two main components to this game, the first of which is proper aim. In order to play and win Angry Birds, a person needs to be able to properly aim the bird so that it hits where it is meant to go. The second component of the game is strategy. In certain situations, one type of bird might be more useful than another type of bird.

The levels of this game become more difficult as a person progresses. There is a certain addictive quality about the game that will cause people to invest a great deal of time into it.

Pros of the Angry Birds App

  • The primary advantage that is associated with playing the Angry Birds game is that there is a stunning variety to the puzzles in the game. These puzzles are challenging enough to still be fun, but are completely possible. They differ in terms of objective, skill level, and resources, which allows the game to never get old.
  • A person who plays the game is able to share with his or her friends over social media platforms regarding how well the game is going. This will introduce an element of competition to the games which will drive people to play them more often. It will also allow people to let others know about their achievements.
  • There are more than two hundred levels that a person can enjoy while playing the Angry Birds game. This means that the game will last whoever is playing it a very long time.

Cons of the Angry Birds App

  • The primary disadvantage that is associated with playing Angry Birds is that many of the levels in the game are only accessible if you have the login information for whatever the provider of the app is. This is a hassle that many people find frustrating because it requires them to take the time to put in their personal information.
  • Because the game is being played on multiple devices, it may not be properly formatted to the degree that it ought to be. This will not greatly impact gameplay, but it may make some of the more particular shots slightly more difficult to make. Controls can be altered to fix whatever problems that the app might be experiencing.

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